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Virtual Learning Factory


The aim of VLFT Gamification is exploiting the advances and technologies of modern games to provide students with a realistic representation of a real manufacturing system, making use of VR visualization experiences. Students will learn how to analyse the configuration of a manufacturing systems in terms of: ⦁ products manufactured and the associated process; ⦁ machines, associated capability and processing times; ⦁ occurrence of failures and their statistics; ⦁ identify the bottlenecks in the system. In particular, the students could enter the VR environment of a manufacturing systems where they will find its VR representation, i.e., a production line.

Workflow of a VLFT Gamification Session: 1: The teacher starts a Gamification Session on the cloud server 2: Students can connect to the desired Gamification Session and sharing the same VR visualization of the manufacturing system. 3: Interactions between the participants can be made via the specific Student User Interface and Teacher User Interface


The current version of the VLFT Gamification can be downloaded here

VLFT Gamification Installer

After the installation was completed a folder named VLFT_Gamification can be founded in the desktop.

Shortcut for the VLFT Gamification

A shortcut for the VLFT Gamification application can be founded. After its clicked then a Lobby User Interface should be displayed