This is the official documentation of ApertusVR - Open source AR/VR engine for science, education, and industry

ApertusVR is an open source software library which could be found on GitHub.

The libraries of ApertusVR could be integrated into existing industrial software systems. So that ApertusVR is not an application just a collection of software libraries.

By the help of the software architecture of ApertusVR a distributed ecosystem could be built up over the Internet or a local intranet. The main feature of ApertusVR is the so called "Distributed Plugin-in Mechanism" which means that not only humans could be involved in an multi-user virtual reality scene but any element of the Internet of Things like hardware, software, robot or any kind of smart device.

ApertusVR offers a brand new "no vendor lock-in" approach for virtual and augmented reality on different operating systems and on different virtual and augmented reality hardware.

This higher abstraction level enables that the business logic has to be implemented once and then it works on any platform. Moreover these different virtual and augmented reality hardware can be shared a same virtual reality scene at the same time.

The ApertusVR engine only contains libraries in order to easily integrate the virtual and augmented reality technologies into an already existing product. With the help of the factory plugins and samples, ApertusVR could boost up the creation of a minimum viable product from scratch.

We provide three installation methods:

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