Hardware Requirements

Your hardware requirements depend on the asset You plan to build with our engine. Of course the more complicated your asset is, the more computing power You have to deliver for your asset. This computing power defines your hardware requirement.


Download our SDKs from here.

Building from source

1. Clone repository
$ git clone -b develop --single-branch
2. Configure ApertusVR using cmake-gui or ccmake by toggling and setting options. For tying out TesterPlugin and TesterSample, in a simple scenario, select only the following variables in CMake:
  • APE_PLUGIN_AssimpAssetLoader
  • APE_PLUGIN_OgreRender
  • APE_PLUGIN_OgreRender_HydraxNew
  • APE_PLUGIN_OisUserInput
  • APE_PLUGIN_Tester
  • APE_SAMPLE_Tester
3. Generate project files using cmake
4. Open the generated project and build it in the IDE you have selected previously at cmake configuration
6. Build the project
For further development, check out our First Steps guide