Creating a sample

Creating a new sample for ApertusVR happens the same way as creating a plugin. In the following example, we create a new sample called "ipCamera":

ApertusVR\utilities\apm>python create sample ipCamera
Creating new sample with the following properties:
name: ipCamera
path: ../../samples/ipCamera/
class name: ApeIpCamera
cpp file path: ../../samples/ipCamera/ApeIpCamera.cpp
Do you want to continue? [Y/n]

If you find everything in order, type 'y' and press enter to continue.

If you want to add your newly created sample to samples/CMakeLists.txt, just type 'y' when apm asks it:

Add to samples/CMakeLists.txt? [Y/n] y

In order to see your new sample in your IDE, don't forget to

  1. regenerate the CMake project

  2. reload / reopen the generated project file in your IDE.

after editing CMakeLists.txt files.