Virtual Learning Factory Application

The aim of VLFT Gamification is exploiting the advances and technologies of modern games to provide students with a realistic representation of a real manufacturing system, making use of VR visualization experiences. Students will learn how to analyse the configuration of a manufacturing systems in terms of: ⦁ products manufactured and the associated process; ⦁ machines, associated capability and processing times; ⦁ occurrence of failures and their statistics; ⦁ identify the bottlenecks in the system.
In particular, the students could enter the VR environment of a manufacturing systems where they will find its VR representation, i.e., a production line.
Workflow of a VLFT Gamification Session: 1: The teacher starts a Gamification Session on the cloud server 2: Students can connect to the desired Gamification Session and sharing the same VR visualization of the manufacturing system. 3: Interactions between the participants can be made via the specific Student User Interface and Teacher User Interface