Local - User Interface

The Local User Interface can be used for testing the resources and the animation on a local machine.
Local User Interface
On the bottom-left side of the menu the Information Box contains the properties of the clicked object. By the help of the "i" Info Button the Information Box can be toggled (hide/show).
On the left side of the menu the following buttons are available: 1: File Button for downloading all of the states of the manufacturing cell into a log file on the local machine 2: Bookmark Button for starting the animation at a bookmarked time 3: Play Button for starting the animation from the beginning
Right after the Play Button or the Bookmark Button is clicked then the Animation Player Menu will be displayed.
Animation Player Menu
The Animation Player Menu contains the well-known buttons to: - Pause - Stop - Fast Forward - Fast Bacward - Jump to the End - Jump to the Begin
On the right side of the menu the Screen Capture Button and the Scree Cast Video Button is placed. By the help of that buttons a picture or a video can be taken and saved into the installation folder.