JavaScript API

The NodeJsPlugin and NodeJsExtension plugins provide JavaScript API for ApertusVR.

C++ Apertus Plugins


NodeJsExtension plugin is a C++ Node.js module, compiled with nbind in order to call C++ code from JavaScript. It's located in ApertusVR/plugins/jsAPI/nodeJsExtension/ folder. Header files are nbind bindings to ApertusVR's C++ API.
Nbind is a set of headers that make your C++11 library accessible from JavaScript.
Note: Nbind is a great tool but it has many limitations. SWIG is an alternative, however, it currently does not support the specific version of V8 which is used by ApertusVR.


NodeJsPlugin starts an embedded Node.js instance which serves as the backend for ApertusVR. It uses Express framework that provides a robust set of features for web and mobile applications.
Express provides a thin layer of fundamental web application features, without obscuring Node.js features that you know and love.
The backend application is located in ApertusVR/plugins/jsAPI/nodeJsPlugin/js/ folder.

JavaScript Apertus Plugins